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Awesome Fellows

Awesome Ottawa has been fueling awesome ideas since May 2010. So far we’ve given $82,000 to individuals and organizations in the city and further afield. $82,000! That would buy a lot of socks. Here are the fellows to date:

November 2016

Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities: OCAPDD GLEEKs

October 2016

Stephen R. Coleman: Project Cold Days

September 2016

Bytown Museum Youth Council: Picturing the Past

August 2016

Megan Piercey Monafu: CSArt Ottawa Community Launch

July 2016

Clayton Dignard: Bike Repair and Pizza Fair

June 2016

Kim Kirton, Maria Anghelidis, and the Enactus uOttawa “Sprout” team: Sprout

May 2016

Brittany Paulhus: Love Letters from Anonymous

April 2016

Jason Cobill and Maxime Gauthier-Kwan: Ottawa in Colour

March 2016

Jackpine Labs and Atelier Ruderal: Percy Station

February 2016

Simone Healey and Zara Ansar: Forever Young Roller Disco

January 2016

Brenda Dunn and Shawn MacDonellHintonbeasts, the Guardians of the ‘burg

December 2015

Philippe Dessaint-Ash: Bike Brite Ottawa

November 2015

Jean-François Jacques: The Roller

October 2015

Lee Pepper: Ottawa Zine Fair

Awesome Maker Award

Chris Manning: The Art of Guilloché and Enamel

Tina Haase and Dan Modulevsky: Cellfie

September 2015

Karen Secord: Feel the Food: It’s Your Fridge Too

August 2015

Jeffrey Neto, Tatiana Ulloa, and Cathryne Lillian Milburn: Design for Citizens

July 2015

Leah Bartlett: Dogs Playing Poker: LIVE!

June 2015

Jenny Guth: Buddy Bench

May 2015

Sean Horn: Rehabilitative and Assistive Exoskeleton

Sarah Heath: Quilts for Roger’s House

April 2015

Graeme Peterson: Ottawa Community Beekeepers

March 2015

Scott Perrie: Fungus Among Us

February 2015

Bettina Vollmerhausen and Frédéric Sune: Ottawa Tool Library

January 2015

Wendy Liang and Tanveer Mostafa: Ottawa Sports Officials

December 2014

Ashley Cabecinha: Awesome Tenners

November 2014

Evan Roth: Ghosts of the Internet

October 2014

Michael Grigoriev: Ottawa City Woodshop

September 2014

Sierra Wooldridge: Take This Note

August 2014

Brent Kaesler: HopShop

July 2014

Britta Evans-Fenton: Breathlace

June 2014

Magill Foote: Dau

Anne Wanda Tessier: ____ Make(s) me Happy

May 2014

Sarah Gelbard and Kent Aitken: Set the Stage

April 2014

Kristina CorreGood Art Shouldn’t be Hard to Find

March 2014

Adam Smith: Chirps, Tweets, and Trills

February 2014

Michael O’Shea and Viva Dadwal: Ottawa #PopScope

January 2014

Alexandra Yarrow: Twice Upon a Time

December 2013

Gail McGuire: Herbs and Edibles – Help Yourself

Megan Johnson and Jacob Caines: Sesquisharp Productions

November 2013

Lana Stewart: Walk (Bike) Your City

October 2013

Rhapsody Blue, Nicholas Charney, and Adam Tupper: Bureaucratease

September 2013

Andrew Conte: The End of Your Tale

August 2013

Alexandre Laquerre: Ottawa Past & Present

July 2013

Mark Stephenson, Michael Grant, and Darcy White: Firefly

June 2013

Grant Vogl: Great Mo-Ments in Bytown

Kyle McInnes: Byward Market Dumpster Pool Party

May 2013

Lisa “Justy” Dennis: Neon Forestation

April 2013

Schuyler Playford: RightBike

March 2013

Kent Aitken: Musical Underground Ottawa

February 2013

Ikenna Onyegbula: YouthCanSlam 2013

January 2013

Ashley Cabecinha and Ka Lei Ku: Speed-Gaming!

December 2012

Shirley Manh: Trade School Co-op Ottawa

November 2012

Margaret Tourond-Townson: Senior Organic Gardeners

October 2012

Christopher SmeenkLaser Musicbox

September 2012

Remco Volmer and Britta Evans-Fenton: Ottawa Mini Maker Faire

August 2012

Caroline Andrew, Manjit Basi, Davis Carr, Mitchell Kutney, Judith Maxwell, Maureen Molot, and Ken Victor: Citizens Academy Ottawa

July 2012

Meaghan Kenny: Karen Community Farm Project

June 2012

Natalie Fraser and Meena Rajulu: “Dance Dance (Office) Revolution” Lunchtime Dance Party

May 2012

Lisa “Justy” Dennis: Bus Yarnbombing

April 2012

Mary Beth Baker: The Capital Reading Garden

March 2012

Katrina Siks & Jason Garlough: Hidden Harvest Ottawa

February 2012

Clare Hutchinson: uOttawa Quidditch Team

January 2012

Ryan Saxby Hill and Apartment613: Community Initiatives

December 2011

Lauren Gawne: Kagate Language Project

November 2011

Anne Patterson: Hello Ottawa

October 2011

Terri Ann Daniels: Top Secret Project!

September 2011

Tony Fouhse: OTTAWA: a survey

August 2011

Malorie Bertrand and Maureen Dickson: Fashion on Display

July 2011

Marina DeMarco: Love the Label

June 2011

Christopher Redmond: Burundi Film Center

May 2011

Ottawa Valley Search and Rescue Dog Association: Cadaver Machine

April 2011

Alexis Williams: Phonebooks to Mushrooms

March 2011

Gregory Jack: Murder Mystery Interactive Event

January 2011

Kym Shumsky: 100 Strangers Project

December 2010

Debora Barkun: The Word According to Youth

November 2010

Tim Richards: The Great Balloon Launch

October 2010

Micah Melnyk: Vuvuzela Virtuosos

September 2010

Erin Broome: Ottawa Global Work Party

July 2010

Emily Comeau & Emily Cook: Transplant!

May 2010

Alicia Dobson: Art Flash Mob

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