Awesome Ottawa

New Trustees

We are estatically happy to welcome aboard two brand spanking new trustees to Awesome Ottawa! Here’s a bit about them:

Suzan Hill founded Iconise Inc. a small design company located in Ottawa committed to providing edgy and unexpected design solutions that encompass a broad range of media. With more than 10 years of experience designing and developing for the web and a couple of industry awards under her belt, Suzan is proud to call herself a designer. Her work has been featured in such publications as Create Online (UK), New York Magazine, and Ottawa Life and has had the pleasure to design and develop web solutions for such clients as Nissan, General Motors, Universal Music, Island Records, Subway, Telus, and Personal Democracy Forum (NYC).
Brian Cheung is an employee for the Canadian Government with particular interests in international development, international commerce, distributed modalities of organization and working, and street-level (physical and virtual) applications of technology.  He joined Awesome Ottawa because he wished he’d had the inspiration and guts to get something similar going back in the day.
He likes travelling, is a semi-accomplished glad-hander, has the ability to bang two rocks together, and is within three standard deviations of normal homo sapiens sapiens behaviour.
Great to have you on Brian and Sue!