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More detail on 100 Strangers Project

In our last blog post we talked about Kym’s awesome project, the 100 Strangers Project which she had been working on for months now. I got a chance to ask the talented writer and photographer some questions; here’s what Kym had to say about her photojournalism adventure:

What inspired you to start the 100 Strangers project?

A new camera, and my cats’ growing disinterest in being models.

Which location has been the most fun to photograph at?

I did a shoot of the Swing Dynamite dance hall, which is attached to this crazy trampoline gymnasium, just off of Rideau.  But I DO like outdoor shoots and street shoots just because the backgrounds change, and it gives me more to experiment with.

Can you name a few strangers that have surprised you with their stories and why?

So many!  It’s one of the fringe benefits; people are incredibly generous with their lives.  There has been the widest variety of heartbreak and inspiration in what people have told me, though I’m careful never to write about anything that’s shared in confidence.  I’m always startled how personal people are willing to be, and I cherish that trust.

Without singling anyone out, I’d say one of the best things I get to do is share in peoples’ future dreams.  The things they talk about wanting to do in the future – I love being a cheerleader for peoples’ lives.  I consider it a rare opportunity to be fairly intimate with someone I don’t really know, and I really do try to be a positive influence, even if it’s just for a short while.

What have you learned from this project? Or what do you hope to learn from this project?

Double-check your batteries!  And that I have a truly generous and amazing spouse.  He comes to most shoots to help me manage some of the equipment, and because I’m really not a professional photographer, so his moral support is always implicit.

Stay tuned for more information on where the photographs will be exhibited in a few months.

Visit her website: or find Kym on twitter: @relishing.