Awesome Ottawa

Good Art Shouldn’t be Hard to Find

April’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Kristina Corre, to support an Easter egg hunt for original artwork hidden across the city. “I’ve always loved a good easter egg hunt,” says Kristina. “My favourite part of […]

Apr 14

Chirps, Tweets, and Trills

March’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Adam Smith and the Ottawa Bird Count, to support “Chirps, Tweets, and Trills,” a free birdsong identification course. “The Ottawa Bird Count,” explains Adam, “is an environmental and educational […]

Mar 12

Ottawa #PopScope

February’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Michael O’Shea and Viva Dadwal, to support Ottawa #PopScope, a series of pop-up public astronomy nights. “Many Ottawans,” explains Michael, “have never seen the wonders of the night sky: […]

Feb 12

Twice Upon a Time

January’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Alexandra Yarrow, to support Twice Upon a Time, a project to provide books to children from families in need. “The pride children experience from owning books further promotes lifelong […]

Jan 15

Sesquisharp Productions

The second of December’s two Awesome Ottawa awards goes to Megan Johnson and Jacob Caines to support innovative community concerts. “The music scene in Ottawa is conservative,” says Megan, “and dominated by older institutions. Jacob […]

Dec 15

Herbs and Edibles – Help Yourself

The first of December’s two Awesome Ottawa awards goes to Gail McGuire and the Brooke Tower Tenant Circle to support neighbourhood planters for herbs and other edibles. “I am a tenant of an Ottawa Community Housing […]

Dec 15

Walk (Bike) Your City

November’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Lana Stewart, to support a raft of do-it-yourself “guerrilla wayfinding” street signs to improve walkability and bikeability in Ottawa. “Everyone says Ottawa is boring, but it’s not if you […]

Nov 13