Awesome Ottawa

Take This Note

September’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Sierra Wooldridge to support “Take This Note,” a project to distribute hand-crafted positive notes for people to find — then share online. “I’m a young, life-loving woman with a […]

Sep 16


August’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Brent Kaesler to support a weekly “electronic beats” workshop for youth from low-income neighbourhoods. “Pathways to Education,” explains Brent, “is a community-based program to support these youth to succeed […]

Aug 21

Breathlace – The Breathalyzer Necklace

July’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Britta Evans-Fenton to support the development of a breathalyzer necklace she is calling Breathlace. “Made up of a breathalyzer sensor, sewable LEDs, thermal colour-changing fabric, an e-textile micro-controller, and […]

Jul 13

_____ Make(s) me Happy

The second of June’s two Awesome Ottawa awards goes to Anne Wanda Tessier to support bus shelter “advertisements” breaking convention and provoking reflection. Anne has actually already carried out her project. In fact, she didn’t apply for […]

Jun 15


The first of June’s two Awesome Ottawa awards goes to Magill Foote to support a short video about a Russian film called by some the most insane such project ever undertaken. “Nearly a decade ago,” explains […]

Jun 15

Set the Stage

May’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Sarah Gelbard and Kent Aitken to create a pop-up outdoor venue for “reverse busking.” Reverse busking was the idea behind last year’s Musical Underground Ottawa, a project Kent put […]

May 19

Good Art Shouldn’t be Hard to Find

April’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Kristina Corre, to support an Easter egg hunt for original artwork hidden across the city. “I’ve always loved a good easter egg hunt,” says Kristina. “My favourite part of […]

Apr 14