Awesome Ottawa

Ottawa Community Beekeepers

April’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Graeme Peterson, to support community beekeeping, as well as demonstration and education, by the Ottawa Community Beekeepers. “Ottawa Community Beekeepers,” explains Graeme, “is a community group whose purpose is […]

Apr 12

Fungus Among Us

March’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Scott Perrie, to support a wild mushroom “easter egg hunt.” He plans to call the project Fungus Among Us. “I will inoculate recently dead trees and tree stumps with […]

Mar 15

Ottawa Tool Library

February’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Bettina Vollmerhausen and Frédéric Sune, to support memberships for those less able to pay to the tool library they are in the process of starting up. “The Ottawa Tool […]

Feb 15

Ottawa Sports Officials

January’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Wendy Liang and Tanveer Mostafa, to support the training of soccer referees from Ottawa’s homeless population. Working with Enactus uOttawa and Ottawa Street Soccer, a non-profit that offers an […]

Jan 20

Awesome Tenners

December’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Ashley Cabecinha, who plans to give the $1000 away to 100 lucky strangers, encouraging each to do something awesome with the money. Ashley plans to hand out bright pink […]

Dec 19

Ghosts of the Internet

November’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Evan Roth to support a pilgrimage using ghost hunting technologies to document physical evidence of the Internet. “Paranormal researchers,” explains Evan, “have developed their own technologies to help them […]

Nov 18

Ottawa City Woodshop

October’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Michael Grigoriev to support the Ottawa City Woodshop, a community woodshop being established in downtown Ottawa. “This city was built by the lumber trade,” explains Michael, “but as we […]

Oct 21